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We produce approximately 30’000 trees all of which are indigenous to South Africa. Our range in size from 0,5m to +2m and are available in 4L, 6L, 10L, 20L, 50L bags. Each of our trees is grown from seed or cuttings on site. Our trees are grown out in soilless organic medium that promotes healthy root and tree growth. This also makes transport more economic. We provide trees to the public as well as landscape architects, nurseries, retailers at extremely competitive prices.

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Our indigenous tree varieties include:

 Acacia Karoo
 Adansonia Digitata
 Afrocarpus Falcatus
 Black Money Thorn
 Bolusanthus Speciosus
 Bridelia Michranta
 Celtis Africanus
 Delonix Regia
 Marula Tree
 Rotus Pendulina
 Soaked Acacia
 Syzigium Guineense
 Vanchelia Xanthoploea
 Acacia Sieberana
 Combretum Erythrophyllum
 Acacia Xantholophea
 Sturculia Murex
 Erythrina Lysistemon
 Dais Cortinifolia
 Heteropyxis Natalensis
 Olea Europea
 Syzigium Cordata
 Acacia Rheimmania
 Schotia Brachypetalia
 Acacia Tortillus
 Acacia Davyi
 Combretum Krausii
 Elongatis Podocarpus
 Kiggeladria Africana
 Acacia Karoo
 Adansonia Digitata
 Afrocarpus Falcatus

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