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  • RedSun is certified by The South African Avocado Nurserymen’s Association (SAANA) nursery accreditation scheme. The Association completes independent annual nursery audits to ensure consistent avocado tree quality criteria are maintained.
  • Registration with the Department of Agriculture which conducts annual audits.
  • Independent testing of all growing media and irrigation water as free of Phytophthora and Pythium by SAANA as well as growing media analysis to ensure optimum pH, EC, AFP, WHC, wettability, C:N ratios to support strong healthy trees.
  • The Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Crops ARC and FABI (Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute independently analyse all nurse seed and bud wood material is tested with traceability records maintained to ensure the absence of the Avocado

Red Sun Hortitech is here to guide you “Excellent Trees = Successful Farmers”

RedSun Hortitech Nursery | Tzaneen , Limpopo - grafted varieties

Grafted varieties

Avocado varieties are grafted onto vigorous seedling or clonal rootstocks. ASBV indexed Green and Black Skin avocado varieties are grafted onto licenced or open variety clonal rootstocks depending on grower’s requirements and farming conditions.

Variety and rootstock planning is adjusted to growers requirements according to the region where avocado trees will be planted, there is no perfect variety for all climatic, market and management conditions.

Our experienced avocado team at RedSun will guide your farm and orchard planning with you to determine densities, cultivars and rootstocks best suited to your farm planning.

RedSun Hortitech Nursery | Tzaneen , Limpopo

Clonal Rootstocks

Protected and open avocado rootstocks are available to RedSun for allocation to growers within plant breeder’s licencing and royalty conditions.

Avocado RedSun Hortitech Nursery | Tzaneen , Limpopo
Avocado RedSun Hortitech Nursery | Tzaneen , Limpopo
avocado rootstock characteristics - redsun hortitech
RedSun Hortitech Nursery | Tzaneen , Limpopo - avo SAAGA certified

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