Avocado prices recovering again

Ive Lambert, StarFruit Company:

“Avocado prices recovering again”

“We haven’t seen an avocado supply as high as it’s been in recent weeks for years. Because of the high supply, we’ve had low prices,” says Ive Lambert of StarFruit Company. Supply is decreasing a bit now, and prices are recovering. “Yet the prices are increasing less quickly than everyone expected. Colombia is now on the market, and Mexican avocados will soon start arriving again. It’s expected the market will recover within a week or two, and that prices will rise.”

The quality of the avocados has been very good this past period. “We don’t have a lot of problems. Demand is a bit lower compared to this same period last year. Schools have started again, so consumption will increase,” Ive says. The avocado consumption is fairly stable throughout the year, with a small peak in summer. However, many people are on holiday. Consumption is higher because avocados are used a lot in salads and other summery dishes.

“Demand for exotics traditionally falls a bit in summer months, but the market is now gradually recovering. Passionfruit in particular had a difficult period, but because summer fruit is now leaving the market, passionfruit’s doing better. We’re headed for a good period, December is an important month for exotics. Pitaya does well in December in particular. We do about a hundred times more than we normally sell in volumes then. The purple mangosteen is also becoming ever more popular towards the end of the year,” Ive concludes.

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