The Humble Bee


Proposal Summary

The Humblebee beekeeping team offers pollination services across a range of crops in South Africa. Our bees are currently pollinating macadamia, avocado, citrus and litchi plantations across Mpumalanga, as well as sunflower in the North West and the Free State.

Due to the increase in demand for pollination, we have set out to reach most parts of the eastern parts of South Africa assisting farmers with their pollination needs.

Our bees are caught around flourishing vegetation alongside the river banks of the Free State, Our bees are healthy and are production swarms with a minimum of 22000 bees per hive, the hives come with a header (showing you the strength of our bees) guaranteeing you a strong and healthy colony. Ensuring the best possible production from your plantation.

Our pollination services include:

4 x hives per ha (hives are fitted with a header) 24 hour Beekeeper on call Assistance with trouble swarms

Please ensure sufficient notice is given prior to despatch of hives for delivery (approx. 4-5 working days) giving us enough time to gather the bees.

Please find-supporting documentation:

Pollination Breakdown

Pollination Service Inspection

Our Pollination Standards

Terms of our agreement (Please analyse the terms thoroughly and if unclear on anything please advise as to what your concerns are so the appropriate amendments can be made before any documents are signed and submitted.


R10 hive p/day (travel, administration, loss of colonies/nectar, labour)

NB: Please ensure payments are made every fortnight from the date of signed agreement. (Invoices to be dated accordingly)