The RedSun Hortitech 5 Ps

Managing our business through the difficult times faced by the macadamia and avocado industries brings our principles back into focus – who we are, why we do what we do and how we do it must remain consistent.  It is incumbent on us to look to the future in order to manage the challenges and opportunities presented to us today, and the cornerstone of our business is the values which drives RedSun:

– Integrity

– Unity

– Respect

– Courage

– Vision


We believe that the values that lead us on a day-to-day basis differentiate our business from the pack. We call them the 5 Ps and they are the integral drivers of our business. Put simply, RedSun is:

– People focused,

– Pragmatic,

– Positive in our approach,

– Progress obsessed, and

– Perfection driven

People – our people have always been the foundation of RedSun, (we count clients as ‘our people’ along with our staff). Turning clients into friends underpins our relationship with our farmers – RedSun is committed to always be there for them. Ubuntu is a core thread that weaves through the company but Managing Director Mark Hassenkamp was quite unprepared for the resolution proposed by the team during their 2023 five-year strategy meeting – this being to create 150 new jobs to benefit the wider community. Our peoples’ goal is to raise others up and it does not get better than that, in our view.

Pragmatic – RedSun is a business, we have to be realistic and sensible to realise our long-term vision and goals. Pragmatism goes with the territory.

Positive – we’re naturally buoyant people which is a good base from which to start. Staying positive in a challenging industry through super-challenging times is a choice we’ve made to go the distance. Adversity brings opportunity and a positive attitude drives us forwards

Progress – building a sustainable business and contributing to the move towards sustainable food and agriculture means being ahead of the technology curve and embracing industry evolution.  Believing and committing to the greater good drives our progress.