Young Farmers – What is in it For Them?

Considering the massive challenges South African agriculture is facing this year, what makes young farmers want to farm?  Agriculture in South Africa is facing tremendous challenges, yet current research reveals that the average age of a farmer in SA is 53. His counterpart in the United States is 67 – that’s a ripe age to be entrusted with a nation’s food requirements.

Genetics and AgriTech are moving the narrative away from farming as a culture and a lifestyle into a technically complex and increasingly scientific global industry profession. Agriculture today demands that farmers keep up with Digitech developments in order to be competitive and sustainable. Present day agriculture is a young person’s game, and a sector with room for expansion.

The re-emergence of agriculture sciences and increasing subscription of graduates to the growing diversity of tertiary agri-industry subjects reflects an upward trend. Young people are gravitating towards an industry sector offering outstanding growth, innovation and increasing diversification. Agriculture is fast evolving to reflect extensive career opportunities that are beginning to exceed the future potential growth and reward of other industry sectors.

RedSun works closely with industry and universities because identifying and attracting young talent is a critical performance area for RedSun’s business growth. Together with our global partners, RedSun Hortitech sees young farmers as the drivers of accelerating shifts in global food production opportunities. Farming seeks new talent and innovative fresh ideas that lead the inevitable shift towards healthy eating and sustainable farming.